Get Started

Welcome to the Freshfeed Developer Documentation.
Everything you need to start using our technology is available here on

Create an account.

You must register as a company to get your private and public API keys in order to start using our technology.

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    Create an account

    Go to, follow the three steps and complete all the required information.
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    Confirm your e-mail address

    You will be sent a confirmation email. Please open the email and click on the link to complete the registration. If you didn't get the email, please check your junk email.
  • 3

    API key

    Once you confirm your email, you will be able access to Freshfeed Dashboard. Navigate to Company > Profile
    There you will find your Public and Private Key, make sure you keep this last one secret.
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    Complete your profile

    You can improve your profile by completing the Contact Information and your Personal Profile

People Analysis

Documentation under development

Content Analysis

Documentation under development

Matching Algorithm

Documentation under development

Tracking Code

The easiest way to get insights of your users and how they interact with the suggested content is inserting our JavaScript code into every page you want to track.

var _fwa = _fwa || [];
_fwa.push(['setSiteId', 'YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY']);
_fwa.push(['setUserGuid', 'USER_ID_RETURNED_BY_OUR_API']);

(function() {
    var _fwa = document.createElement('script'); _fwa.type = 'text/javascript'; _fwa.async = true;
    baseUrl = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? window.baseUrl || baseUrl.replace(/http:/, 'https:') : baseUrl );
    _fwa.src = baseUrl + 'fwa.min.js';
    var _fwa_s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; _fwa_s.parentNode.insertBefore(_fwa, _fwa_s);

You can get more information about our JavaScript and the events you can trigger by going to the SDK documentation page. We provide SDK for other technologies too, please visit our SDKs page and get the information you need.