Freshfeed API

Matching Profile Algorithm API (MPA)

Combined both algorithm to recommend the best possible content to your audience and personalize the experience of your users.
Send API requests to get recommendations of your own content to a specific user.

Using the API

Learn retrieve data from Freshfeed using the Matching Algorithm API.
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API Reference

Get the full details of all the nodes, edges, and fields in the latest version of the API.
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API and SDKs

Learn how to use our iOS, Android, JavaScript, PHP SDKs and more with the Matching Analysis API.

Staying up to date

The current, latest version of the Matching Profile Algorithm (MPA) API is v2.9. Please read our Changelog and blog posts to stay up to date. To prevent broken experiences, we strongly recommend to upgrade your apps to the latest current version at the earliest opportunity.


Free Tier

  • The Freshfeed Free Tier enables you to gain free, hands-on experience with our APIs and services.

  • Free Tier

    Analyze up to 1000 profiles per day.

Standard Plan

  • 1 - 250,000 items per month $0.003 per item

  • 250,001 - 5,000,000 items per month $0.001 per item

  • 5,000,000 + items per month $0.0002 per item

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