We bring smarter than smart solutions. We are authentic and human friendly. We find the way.

We are Fligoo

We are Fligoo, a team of hardworking guys with the Mission; of democratize world opportunities through technology and innovation, and one big particular Vision...We want to become the most outstanding company for its technology and work methodologies, focusing on solving complex problems with high impact on people's life.

As a team, we bring smarter’ s than smart solutions, meaning we solve complex problems with extraordinary results. We are authentic human friendly... Meaning that everyone has its own way of solving things, we respect all of them. Specially if they are risky, ambitious and disruptive.
We find the way. We create new things and find the one way that turns impossible into possible.

Our values define how we get things done and what is important to us.

Love what you do

Don't just do something, do it with passion and enjoy the process.

Question everything

Everything can be improve and there is always
a new and better way to solve something. Go
for it.

Be friendly.


Two is better than one, share your ideas and
your solutions to create new things.

Be ecological

Be positive

Good energy bring better energies.
Be the mood you want get back.

Take ownership

Commit to everything as is you are the only responsible.

Think smart

go beyond and find always a smarter solution.

Follow your heart

Whenever you have to make a difficult decision, trust your instinct.

We want everyone to be happy

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